People mingling after a Christmas worship service

Everyone Is Welcome!

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Celebrate Christmas Together

Celebrate the joy of Jesus’ birth by attending a worship service with others. You are welcome to join ours. At church, you can feel inspiration and peace in the company of friends, neighbors, and family. Everyone's invited! You're welcome to bring anyone you'd like.

5 tips for having a great church experience

1. Introduce yourself

Members of the Church will welcome you to the congregation and help you feel at home. Feel free to introduce yourself to others and ask people for help if you have questions. Everyone will be glad you’re there!

2. Know what to expect

A Christmas service is usually an hour long. It often includes songs, prayers, and sermons (called “talks”) given by members of the congregation. During the service, Church members will have the opportunity to remember Jesus by taking the sacrament.

3. Dress your best

You’re welcome to come in any tasteful clothes you like. Most men wear suits or button-up shirts and ties and women typically wear dresses or skirts. Children usually dress up, too. Dressing nicely can help put you in a more reverent mindset and prepare you to learn about Jesus Christ and His teachings.

4. Learn about the sacrament (similar to communion)

Each week, bread and water are blessed and offered to the congregation as a symbolic reminder of the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ. However, participation isn’t a requirement. If you’d rather not take the sacrament, you can pass the tray on to the next person.

5. Feel free to contact us

You never have to RSVP for a church service. But if you’re nervous about attending, you can contact the congregation ahead of time. They can find you a friend to sit with and make sure you feel welcome when you visit. Click here to find contact information for your local church.

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