When Jesus Christ was born, angels proclaimed, “Peace on earth, good will to men.” This December, the promise remains the same. As we serve others the way Jesus served, we can end 2020 on a hopeful note. 

The Christ Child


Watch the new video about the birth of Jesus Christ—the true Light of the World—and let it inspire you to go forth and serve.

Download and print the service calendar

Use this calendar for inspiration as you use every day as a new opportunity to #LightTheWorld.

We invite you to share a picture or story on social media about the service you will do. This way others can be inspired too.

Day 1

Give like Jesus did. 
Volunteer to help someone.

Day 2

Your Hero
Thank someone who shows Christlike love for you.

Day 3

Peace on Earth
Help someone to feel peace through Christ.

Day 4

Jesus Brought Hope. 
Watch The Christ Child film with someone.

Day 5

Pay it Forward
Show gratitude like Jesus did. Return a favor.

Day 6

Fast Relief
Go without a meal or two and donate the cost to charity.

Day 7

Signs of Christmas
Write a Christmas note for someone.

Day 8

Appreciate Health 
Thank health workers for their ongoing service.

Day 9

Words of Love
Recommend a favorite book or scripture to someone.

Day 10

Light the Family Tree
Honor your ancestors by learning about them.

Day 11

Surprise Treats 
Share goodness with your family and friends through treats.

Day 12

Compliment Day
Share something positive with someone who needs a boost today.

Day 13

Reflection Sunday
Find a quiet place to think about God and tune out distractions.

Day 14

Sing Online
Gather your loved ones and sing Christmas songs together.

Day 15

Honor Your Parents
Express your love and appreciation to an important parental figure on your life.

Day 16

Shining Star
Share a heartfelt tribute to a friend who impacted you positively.

Day 17

Multiply the Bread
Feed the hungry by getting groceries to someone in need. 

Day 18

Christmas stories
Read your favorite story about Jesus Christ to a child. 

Day 19

Letters of Light
Write someone who can benefit from positive thoughts before Christmas.

Day 20

Nativity Story
Read or act out the nativity story from the Bible. 

Day 21

Virtual Get Together
Invite friends and family to a virtual meeting and share an uplifting thought. 

Day 22

Sharing Light
Teach someone today through your own stories. 

Day 23

Gratitude Day
Reflect on the gifts and mercies from God in your life and express what it means to you. 

Day 24

Goodwill to Men
Today tell each person you see something uplifting.

Day 25

Christ is the Light of the World
Share why Christ is the Light of your world.

Day 26

Light 2021
Plan opportunities to Light the World in the new year.