Worship with Us

The joy of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection is something that becomes more powerful when we share it with others. Please join us for some inspired words and music during our Easter Sunday worship service in your area.

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What to Expect at Church

We want you to feel comfortable when you attend church with us for the first time. Here’s what you will experience:

Women singing in Church


The meeting will begin and end with a hymn and a prayer.
A woman taking the sacrament


The sacramental bread and water (similar to Communion) will be blessed and given to the congregation.
A man giving a sermon in a sacrament meeting


Two to three members of the congregation will give short sermons centered on Jesus Christ and His gospel.
A Sunday School class


After the worship service, you can attend a class for group gospel discussion.

Church Experiences from First-Time Visitors

“I literally called my sister and I was like, ‘I want to go back to this church’ … it was amazing. It honestly made my whole month better.”
“Everyone welcomed me with open arms. People behind me had spoken to me as if they had known me their whole life.”
“When I walked into the church, it was just like a community of people just kind of rushed me with love.”
“I felt like I was part of this community from the very beginning … I’ve met so many nice people in my life, but so many nice people in one area kind of restored my faith in humanity, honestly.”

Want to Learn More?

First Time Visiting?

We’d Love to Meet You.

Request a visit from representatives. We’ll help you know what to expect at church. Then we’ll be at the door to greet you and sit with you on Sunday!

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